Allen Stark

Gadget Guy


[+5] Engineering
[+4] Academics, Stealth
[+3] Science, Endurance, Alertness
[+2] Investigation, Burglary, Athletics, Pilot
[+1] Slight of Hand, Rapport, Resources, Art, Contacting

A bike like no other!
Chivalry isn’t dead.
I know that guy.
Man out of time…
Now its personal!
Mad Scientist…
Never the hero…
Bad information.
Strange company.

Personal Gadgets
(Motorcycle, Sword, Force Field Belt)
Walking Library
In Plain Sight

Health 7
Composure 5


Allen Starks parents were scientist from the 25th century. During a test flight of there new light drive, something goes wrong and the young couple are thrown back in time. Stuck in the late 1800’s the Starks start a new life and soon give birth to Allen in 1901. The Starks teach there son everything they know about technology, and as it turns out he has a natural talent for it; as well as for getting in to places he should not be.

The Great War
With the start of WWI, Allens parents are unable to set by and do nothing. Joining the U.S. Intelligence Agency the Starks use there knowledge along with some of the other brilliant minds of the time. Being brought up in this environment affords Allen the chance to travel the world and meat many people. So there for Allen receives an education like none other.

Personal Novel
The Stark family in Tough Choices
During a mission to Brazil for the government, Allen and his parents are on a mission with a special task force to neutralize Dr. Totenkinder. (Dr. Totenkinder is a “scientist” that like to do cruel experiments on the locals) Little does the Stark family know that it is a trap and half of the team is captured. Allens parents being some of them; so Allen goes back to rescue them. Only to find out that George Marshell was captured too, so must chose the some day war hero of WW2 or his only family. Knowing it is for the greater good (and what his parents would want) He rescues Marshells. From there on Stark swears to find and make Dr. Totenkinder pay.

Allen Stark

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