Israel Jones AKA The Badger

By night, Israel dons a mask and cape and protects those who hate and fear him in the daylight.


Street Urchin
Teddy’s Boy
Conscious Endeavor
Secret Identity
The Darkness
So long as one man is in chains…
Like a Bull Moose
Word is Bond
No Evil Escapes the nose of Badger!
Konig: Brother from another species

+5 Athletics
+4 Fists, Stealth
+3 Resolve, Sleight of Hand, Endurance
+2 Academics, Guns, Alertness, Resources
+1 Investigation, Might, Art, Burglary, Survival

Martial Arts
Dirty Fighter
Mix it Up
Flow Like Water


Growing up is hard. Growing up a black orphan in the Irish ghetto of Hell’s Kitchen at the turn of the century is almost always fatal. The papers called it the “most dangerous area on the American Continent.” and this was before Guns became the weapon de rigueur. A bullet can go anywhere, but knives and cudgels are almost bound to go somewhere.

Israel was hospitalized 3 times before he caught Typhoid Fever at 8 after meeting Mary Mallon. He spent the better part of a year between the hospital and quarantine. In that time he read voraciously, finding himself especially drawn to military strategy, partly because he was still young enough to love war, but mostly because they were unpopular at the hospital library, so no one objected to a black child reading books intended for whites.

He read Caesar and Napoleon’s war journals and was so impressed with Theodore Roosevelt’s book on the Navy’s Role in the War of 1812, he wrote the President a letter, offering his own analysis. Teddy, being a man of curious nature, arranged to meet Israel the day he was released from quarantine. To his credit, if he was surprised that his admirer was an young black boy, he didn’t show it, or at least Israel didn’t notice. A rather stiff dinner gave way to discussion, and then as now, in matters of camaraderie, what you like is more important than what you are like. And never were there two with more common interests than Roosevelt and Jones. Before the night was over, Roosevelt had papers drafted to have the boy adopted by one of his associates (though he was out of office, he knew adopting the boy himself would be… unpalatable to…pretty much everyone) and made arrangements for Israel to accompany him on his upcoming African Safari.

And so the two adventured across the globe, though Africa, Europe, and later South America. When The Great War Broke out, Roosevelt lobbied Wilson to allow him to form a volunteer brigade, as he had with his Rough Riders during the war in Cuba. Wilson declined. Israel later said “Thats what did it. He lived for 5 more years, but being denied the chance to fight in the greatest war the world had ever seen, that’s what killed him.” purportedly “Death had to take Roosevelt sleeping, for if he had been awake, there would have been a fight.”

Losing his friend and mentor also meant that Israel was shut out of the many places Roosevelt’s notoriety had allowed him. Without the Bull Moose at his side, he was just another young black man. The kindness Roosevelt had shown him brought the attitude of others into stark relief. Israel moved to Harlem, hoping to connect with like minded people, but found it drowning in crime. People with nothing stealing from those with even less. “Policy Banks” and prostitution. Harlem wasn’t striving to overcome. Harlem was celebrating it’s descent.

So a young man with nothing to lose decided the best way to save Harlem was to speak softly and punch as many bad guys as possible. By day Israel Jones worked for a small black owner newspaper, and by night he became The Badger, two fisted scion of justice! Wearing a full mask to hide his identity also allowed The Badger to pass for white in the rare case where non-fist related interactions were needed.

Israel Jones AKA The Badger

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