Samuel Powers The Arcanist

I seek to master my powers of the arcane and with it protect the world.


For a man of his age he looks surprisingly good. Although his features are aged they holds a kind of unnatural lively hood to them, making his true age hard for others to tell. His white hair, white bear and very pale skin make his ice blue eyes bag for your attention and being 6’5" he is a hard man to miss. He is a thin man with a runners build, long toned muscles rather than big and bulky muscles. He wears a custom made mid grey frock coat suit with mid grey vest and trousers, custom made white dress shirt, black tie, black shoes, black top hat, a custom made black overcoat, and his walking cane (witch is his Cane of Blasting as well).

My Equipment!
Intellectual Curiosity
Better With Age
Tireless Pursuit
The Knights Code
The Odds are against me
Practice Makes Perfect
Iron Will
Never Goes As Planned
Supernatural Youngling
The Elite


+5 Mysteries
+4 Rapport, Resolve
+3 Academics, Alertness, Investigation,
+2 Athletics, Empathy, Intimidation, Stealth
+1 contacting, Endurance, Art, Resources, Survival

Mystic Rites
Rite of Telekinesis
(2) Personal Artifact (Cane of Blasting, Tattoo of Shielding)
(2) Rare Artifact (Dragon Ring, Crystal of Potentia)


    Born April 3, 1862 in Birmingham England only child of Alfred and Clare Powers. When i was growing up it was a time of great technological and exploration advancement. I wanted to see the world and all it’s beauty so i decided to become an explorer. I started my exploration in the unknown areas of Asia than south to Africa than to Antarctica. Do to age and not really discovering anything of great importance Antarctica was to be my greatest and final exploration but that would not be the end for me. Instead i found a new beginning to a world full of adventure and greater than anything i could have imagined. FRIST ASPECT: First! SECOND ASPECT: Never Goes As Planned
    After finding the ring (Dragon Ring) i spent most of my time researching the arcane arts, performing rituals, and pratising spells to hone my new found power so that i might defend the innocent from unworldly beings and humanity itself. FIRST ASPECT: Practice Makes Perfect SECOND ASPECT: The Knights Code
    Trials And Tribulations

    Guest starting: Konig, Alen Stark
    Samuel Power “The Arcanist” go’s searching for a powerful artifact known as The Crystal of Potentia. Will he be able to puzzle together the clues to the crystals true location, greater yet will he be able to overcome the trials that await him on his quest? FIRST ASPECT: Intellectual Curiosity SECOND ASPECT: The Odds Are Against Me.

Samuel Powers The Arcanist

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