New York. The greatest city in the world. It glows in the night, it’s electric lights sparking across the water.

Home to Gershwin and Melville, Stooges and Marx brothers, Jonas Salk and John Rockefeller, Presidents Fillmore, Van Buren and Roosevelt.

And to you.

It has everything, for a price, and more than a few things that are priceless. It has places people go for things they’re ashamed to want, and anything can be had, though sometimes the cost is your soul, or someone else’s.

The whole city is a monument, churches beside mosques across from temples, and just down the block the Gods of commerce and business are worshipped in their fashion.

New York has everything that matters; in some ways New York IS everything that matters.

What will you find there?

What will find you?

The Lost Generation

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